Anastasia Kolas

Neither/Nor is a group assembled in search of a better self-articulation, and to work through the urgent issues related to post-Soviet, Eastern European and hybrid contexts, with a view of elucidating potential anti-colonial position(s) relevant to the regional experience, distinct from the dominant western discourse (here: American/ European).

Organized and facilitated by Anastasia Kolas, the group launched in March 2023, and for the duration our first year had been hosted by Hopscotch Reading Room in Wedding, with a short interlude at KVOST.

In 2024 N/N will be facilitated will be rotated between Goda Klumbyte,Marta-Liisa Talvet and Anastasia Kolas. In addition to reading together, the group will experiment with the format to cover a variety of things like — film screenings, writing workshops, and interdisciplinary events led by participants. Currently we meet every three weeks at Commo in Neukoln. The working language is English.

For the time being the group is open to FLINTA participants from the above mentioned regions and contexts. To take part in the group please email or with a short intro and a request to join. You will then be added to the email list and be sent full group’s information, the reading list and the text files, if applicable.

To invite the group for projects, please email

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